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Deb Norton
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Welcome! It’s difficult sometimes to differentiate between clinicians online. We have various amounts of education and frequently very different clinical and life experiences. So how do you know who to choose? Who’s right for you? Here are some testimonials from the people who know my work the best – my clients. I hope this helps you sort through the options and make an informed decision about your therapy journey.

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Deb Norton

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Battling with the concept that I may have an alcohol problem but unsure how to begin addressing the issue, I found Deb Norton’s number. It was the first time and the first place I could let down my walls, speak openly and honestly and begin to let someone help me help myself.

Deb is not your usual "shrink" but rather "hip" dare I say…even in-touch with young adults. She understands the reality we strive to adapt to and the challenges we face. Working with Deb was not a one shot deal as she persevered, she stayed consistent, firm and honest.

Deb skillfully laid out the first few critical stepping stones for me and helped teach me (and my family) how to start the recovery process. I am now living in the West, in the city I have always dreamed of, I have my family back and I am sober. My relationship with Deb is one that I am grateful for every day of my life.


Having gone through my fair share of therapists, there are a few conclusions I have reached about Deb Norton that set her heads and tails above her colleagues… Deb goes the extra mile consistently, week after week providing valuable insight in an impartial yet supportive way. Building sold foundations with her clients enables her to know how and when to break down walls or use mortar to strengthen some cracks – striking a great balance allowing for progress. I wish Deb would have been my first therapist but I am confident she will be my last.

–Megan B

I found Deb during a period in my life when I was experiencing some extreme emotional highs and lows, from the birth of my son to the loss of my father and also, of my best friend. Deb offered me a safe environment in which I was able to discuss my feelings and work out my thoughts. She helped me come up with tools to help me cope and communicate which greatly improved not only my outlook, but my mood and also, the way I was able to interact with my family and friends. I have always felt from day one that Deb cares greatly for me and my well-being and is genuinely interested in seeing me succeed. Her flexibility in scheduling and availability made it easy for me get the assistance I needed without feeling like it was a chore. I’m very grateful for her help and her support.

–Stacy T

We sent our teenage daughter Sara to see Deb Norton because she was acting out – using drugs and having inappropriate relationships with boys – and nearly failing out of high school. Deb formed an immediate relationship with Sara and made therapy a safe place for her to share her feelings. Every week Sara looked forward to seeing Deb. After a few weeks we noticed Sara’s attitude starting to change. Over time, she started making better decisions and became less combative with me and her father.

Today, Sara is a different girl. She no longer uses drugs and her grades are up. Her self esteem is better than it’s ever been. She values who she is and is not allowing boys to disrespect her. She is so much more confident and able to communicate with us. And her positive outlook has her investing in her future – making plans to go to college out east and study fashion design. We feel like we have our daughter back! We are so grateful to Deb and the work she’s done with Sara. We highly recommend her for adolescent counseling.

–Mike & Becky T

Deb Norton is a wonderful and incredibly knowledgeable therapist. Over the past few years, she’s become a huge resource for me and my entire family. I can call Deb any time and she will make it her priority to see me as soon as possible. She creates a warm, safe environment that allows people to feel heard. She also has an innate ability to get her clients to step out of a situation and view it from a different vantage point. Deb knows how to get things done and she "gets it". She is incredibly hands-on and has been extremely effective in helping us problem solve everything and anything. One thing I know for sure, Deb Norton has a gift! She is the best therapist, and I have recommended her to everyone that I know. Thank you Deb for all you have done for me and my family!!!


I’ve been in therapy for 11 years while my partner has stood by my side and supported me. As I grew and achieved better mental health and awareness, he realized that he too needed to seek counsel. So he went online and came across Deb Norton’s website where he was impressed by how well it was put together. So he contacted her and made an appointment.

In the three years my husband has been in therapy with Deb, I have watched his self-esteem, once stretched to a limit of despair, grow and increase to new places! One instance recently, he was feeling very conflicted about making a big decision, but wasn’t able to see Deb at his regular scheduled time. When I asked him how he felt about that, he said that he REALLY wanted to talk with her! I knew, in that moment, she had taken up residency in his head! And that left me feeling complete respect for her and total amazement in her ability to get through to him on a level that no one has before!

After some time, my partner invited me to a session to talk about our differences and express my concerns about his ADHD. I remember initially feeling nervous to meet her. But upon doing so, I felt she really knew her shit! (I was a little shocked to find someone in the suburbs who knew as much as Deb does about self-harm!) She was able to roll up her sleeves right away and ask the hard questions. And she followed along (seemingly easily) – able to evaluate both of us with a rich compassion, drawn – I’m sure – from her professional and personal life experiences. I knew how lucky my husband was to have her, and I’ve been envious ever since!

My husband and I started doing more couples work, so I was able to experience Deb on a different level. Her office became a safe place for me. My comfort with her and confidence in her skills enabled me and my partner to connect and reconstruct our relationship. Deb offered valuable insights into the core issues of our marriage. And she did it without taking away from our individual strengths and the value that each of us bring to the relationship. I have been able to express some strong feelings in front of her and feel heard, not judged!

Not only has Deb been helpful in with individual and marriage counseling, but has also extended her skills to help us manage our feelings about raising a special needs child with high anxiety and ADHD. Again, compassionate and knowledgeable.

Here’s the bottom line on Deb Norton: She’s able to connect with people, learn who they are, listen not just hear, and help them plot a path that will ultimately lead to feeling and functioning better. She has a vast referral network of mental health professionals that have helped our entire family. We are so grateful to have found her. And I highly recommend that you do the same!