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Therapy FAQs

Rocks and Greenery Reversed1. What do you charge per therapy session?

If you need to pay out-of-pocket for therapy, my fees are as follows:

Individual Therapy – Initial Session $150

Individual Therapy/60 Minutes $132

Couples Therapy – Initial Session $175

Couples Therapy/60 Minutes – $150

* Available for certain less severe mental health issues and clients working towards discharge.


2. What form of payment do you accept?

I prefer cash or personal checks (same day-mobile banked).

*Note: Over-payments in cash will be credited to your account and deducted off your next session fee as I’m not set up to make change.

I accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, both credit and debit cards and HSA/pretax savings credit cards.

3. Do you accept insurance?

I am in-network with some insurance companies. Just contact me and I will coordinate your benefits for you! If your insurance is too expensive to use or I’m not in-network with your company, we can work together to find a good solution!

4. How long does therapy take?

That depends upon the issues that you bring to counseling. Some things inherently just take longer. We can discuss your specific treatment plan and process when we speak for the first time.

5. How frequently do we meet?

All therapy is done on a weekly basis until clients are ready to move towards discharge. Then an every other week option is available. I do not meet with clients less frequently as it’s not considered therapeutic.

6. Will you see me if I’m late? What if I forget?

If you are late to session, you will receive the balance of your time. It’s likely that I have clients scheduled after you so I need to respect that and stick to my schedule. If you miss more than one-third of your session, there will be a late fee assessed ($110) and we will reschedule. It’s unfortunate, but missing that much of session makes it difficult for us to be productive.

I do bill for no-shows and late cancellations. However, I work really hard at avoiding them as I don’t want to be paid for work that I don’t do! So I send you a reminder text the day before our session. And I provide you with the opportunity to cancel/reschedule up until 10 pm the night before.

NOTE: I do ask that if you are not feeling well within 24 hours of our session (running a fever, nauseous, vomiting, gastrointestinal upset or sore throat, etc) that you contact me as soon as possible and reschedule. You will not be charged.

Rocks and Greenery Reversed

7. Do you see clients on Saturdays?

Unfortunately, I no longer do therapy on Saturdays. My regular office hours are by appointment only Monday thru Friday:

Sunday Out of the Office

Monday 12 Noon – 8:00 pm

Tuesday 12 Noon – 8:00 pm

Wednesday 12 Noon – 8:00 pm

Thursday 12 Noon – 8:00 pm

Friday Fill-in Sessions, Continuing Education & Meetings

Saturday Out of the Office

8. My situation is complex. Can we talk before scheduling an appointment?

Absolutely! Just contact me directly at 224-406-1474 or email me at for a free 15-minute phone consultation.

9. What if someone in my family needs therapy too? Will you see them too?

I don’t have one hard and fast rule on this. However, our therapeutic relationship is the foundation of our work. So I’m cautious about bringing another person into that. The good news is that I have several talented and experienced colleagues in the local area, and I’m more than happy to refer your family member to one of them, if the need arises.

10. Are you willing to talk to my spouse/psychiatrist/family about our work?

Willing yes, but it will require your written permission. There are rules regarding your confidentiality, and I will go over them with you during our first session.

11. What if I start therapy with you and I don’t feel it’s working for me?

This process is all about you! So if you aren’t satisfied with our work, or you don’t feel that I’m the right therapist for you, I will happily help you try to find a better fit.

12. What if I have an issue that you don’t specialize in?

My profession requires that I only work within the boundaries of my training and experience. So it’s important for you to tell me up front what your concerns are that bring you to therapy. If you need help outside my areas of expertise, I will refer you to someone with the appropriate training and skills.